You’re Still Mine

Last night was less than ideal. Master is off of work today, so last night we made a last minute decision to visit our brand new baby nephew a few hours away. We had to wait until Master got off of work, and we didn’t leave until 9:00 pm.

The kids slept in the car, but it still took a while to get them settled again when we reached our destination. The older one was on the floor, and the younger one shared our bed. We don’t normally co-sleep, so this wasn’t the most comfortable arrangement.

Not it long after the little one finally went to sleep, the other child started a series of throwing up that lasted the rest of the night.

Obviously our nightly reconnect to each other and our M/s dynamic was taking a backseat. Master, wonderful man that He is, still managed to acknowledge it in all the craziness.

After the toddler woke up again simply because I rolled over to go to sleep, He whispered in my ear, “You’re still mine.” Melt!

When I snuggled into Him between vomit episodes, He rested His hand, not across my waist, or even my breast, but around my throat. He’d never done that before!

They were just small things, but, oh, how important they were!