Collar Frenzy!

  Photo credits: Mockingbird Lane Wire, Twisted Skrews, Chris Os Creations, and GOT Maille by Christy.

I love collars! I think it’s such great symbol of ownership and commitment. You hear about sub frenzy; I’m pretty sure I have collar frenzy. I think Master will be getting a collar for me soon, and the anticipation isn’t helping any! So basically, you get to take a collar shopping trip with me today!

I love the selection on Etsy. They have my favorite assortment of collars.

Nothing says owned to me, like a 24/7 collar. So, I’m going to need something that translates well in a vanilla environment, so it needs to be a day collar. That also rules out materials that can’t get wet, like leather or base metals. Stainless steel or maybe sterling silver seems to be the best bet.

I’ve looked at a lot of chainmail collars. I think they look pretty neat, but those don’t seem to be Master’s favorite.

24/7 wear doesn’t HAVE to mean locking, but come on, a lock just makes it so much hotter! Plus, a lock is one of the few things Master has said He prefers. (Yes!)

Another thing He’s mentioned is some sort of stamping or engraving with “slave girl.” I like that idea too! I enjoy being His slave girl.

But I’m not sure how that will work with keeping it subtle. He’s even more concerned than I am about a collar coming across as kinky. Maybe some sort of inside engraving will work. I’ve seen some great locking bracelets with a hidden message option. Now that I think about it, a bracelet was something He mentioned as well.

Personally, I hope He goes with a necklace collar option. I like the idea of having something He could grab onto– even if it’s not strong enough to tug on.

But of course, a collar technically belongs to the Master, and merely placed on the slave. So all this is daydreaming. Master did an outstanding job on my engagement ring without me, so I’m sure He’ll do great picking out a collar too.

Well, if you’ve read this far, I applaud you! Thank you for indulging my collar frenzy. Hopefully I can update you with a collar picture of my own soon!